week fourteen: macaroni salad

Hellooo blog fam!!!  As some of you (maybe one or two at the most 😉 ) may have noticed, I have been MIA for a few weeks now and I'm so sad about that!!! I was on such a great roll in my cooking endeavor and then my roommates left me for a week, family… Continue reading week fourteen: macaroni salad


week thirteen: chicken kabobs

This week we are busting out the BBQ and pink lemonade and even though summer is still a month or so away this meal is bringing the SUMMER vibes and sunshine!!! It's a meal that reminds me of the good old days in the summer when my family used to eat outside on the patio… Continue reading week thirteen: chicken kabobs

week twelve: grandma’s enchiladas

This week marks the return of the onion goggles and the debut of my grandma's delicious enchilada recipe that her and my mom have both been making for years and years!  I've been eating it for years and years 😉 and I've been in love with these enchiladas for years and years as well, which… Continue reading week twelve: grandma’s enchiladas

week eleven: dad’s famous pizza

Dad's famous pizza has been a staple in the Carli household since forever (aka as long as I can remember) and it will always have a special place in my heart and stomach. lol But mostly my heart. And since this has been my Dad's speciality in the kitchen for so long, he got the… Continue reading week eleven: dad’s famous pizza

week ten: chicken fajitas & salsa

There are SO many good things about this week that I don't even know where to start!!! AH. Okay. First things first, if you've been following along since the beginning of my cooking journey, you are probably (too) aware of my seething hatred for chopping onions. But this week everything changed, *happy dance* all thanks… Continue reading week ten: chicken fajitas & salsa

week nine: herbed pork

So we cranked it back up a notch on the "fancy" and "difficulty" scales this week with some herbed pork loin chops!  We also had macaroni and cheese, which probably brings it back down a notch on the fancy scale (hehe) but the main dish is definitely a step up from last week's simple taco… Continue reading week nine: herbed pork

week eight: taco salad

Now this week we decided on a meal that even I was pretty confident I could handle. Probably a good idea to boost the cooking morale after last week's self-esteem killing run in with the stove. My family has always been really invested in and passionate about our intake of Mexican food. Like the waiter… Continue reading week eight: taco salad