week twenty four: mom’s meatloaf

It's officially the second week back on the blog game and so far so good people!!! 🙂 And we are back in action this week with a meal that I first cooked a few months back during the Great Blog Recession, if you will, and subsequently failed to document accordingly.  So I decided it had… Continue reading week twenty four: mom’s meatloaf


week twenty one: spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken

So if you are a close follower of the blog, you may remember the PSA about the ricotta cheese from the previous post. lol We ended up with an excessive amount of leftover ricotta cheese from last week's lasagna, and since there was 2/3 of a large container of the stuff sitting in the fridge,… Continue reading week twenty one: spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken

week twenty: lasagna

This week I did end up taking a break from Pinterest streak (hehe!) and took a shot at my mom's homemade lasagna recipe!!  This one has been a staple in our family since before I can remember!  It's delicious, pretty easy, and great for leftovers during the week making it a win in all the… Continue reading week twenty: lasagna

week nineteen: garlic lemon butter salmon

Next up in the massive blog update lineup is another Pinterest find!!! (if it ain't broke don't fix it?? IDK but we are definitely on an internet recipe roll and have no plans to slow that roll anytime soon LOL) 🙂 Mother had some salmon she wanted me to try this week, and my beginner… Continue reading week nineteen: garlic lemon butter salmon

week eighteen: Korean pork chops

Another Pinterest success whatttt?!? YES, tis true! My mom and I have been on a roll with finding the most delicious (and easy enough for me to actually cook) recipes on Pinterest and this week was no exception! This week's recipe was for Korean Pork Chops from the blog It's a Keeper and it is sort of similar… Continue reading week eighteen: Korean pork chops

week seventeen: honey Sriracha chicken

Continuing on the quest to catch up on my blog posts (two more woo!), this week we have another Pinterest recipe that we LOVED!  I think I mentioned it briefly before, but I'm a big fan of Pinterest and browsing around for inspo in all areas of life in my free time, and recently, whilst… Continue reading week seventeen: honey Sriracha chicken

week sixteen: vegetable soup

We are officially back in the full swing of meal making mode this week, tackling something I have not yet attempted, homemade soup! As a big fan of soup in general (shout out to the Nob Hill/Raleys brand of chicken tortilla soup for being my absolute favorite soup ever), I think being able to make… Continue reading week sixteen: vegetable soup