week twenty two: salsa verde chicken enchiladas

FINALLY this is the last dinner that needs to be updated until I'm back on track and not trying to remember what I made 3 weeks ago and how I did it!! haha!  Life gets busy but a girl's gotta eat, and as long as I have time for that I figure I should have… Continue reading week twenty two: salsa verde chicken enchiladas


week twenty one: spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken

So if you are a close follower of the blog, you may remember the PSA about the ricotta cheese from the previous post. lol We ended up with an excessive amount of leftover ricotta cheese from last week's lasagna, and since there was 2/3 of a large container of the stuff sitting in the fridge,… Continue reading week twenty one: spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken

week seventeen: honey Sriracha chicken

Continuing on the quest to catch up on my blog posts (two more woo!), this week we have another Pinterest recipe that we LOVED!  I think I mentioned it briefly before, but I'm a big fan of Pinterest and browsing around for inspo in all areas of life in my free time, and recently, whilst… Continue reading week seventeen: honey Sriracha chicken

week fifteen: baked parmesan crusted chicken

Pinterest win this week!!!  So to get us back in the cooking groove for real, my mom found a recipe on Pinterest that she wanted me to try, and let me just say, we were all SUPER impressed with how it turned out and it will definitely be made again soon!!  Essentially they are like… Continue reading week fifteen: baked parmesan crusted chicken

week thirteen: chicken kabobs

This week we are busting out the BBQ and pink lemonade and even though summer is still a month or so away this meal is bringing the SUMMER vibes and sunshine!!! It's a meal that reminds me of the good old days in the summer when my family used to eat outside on the patio… Continue reading week thirteen: chicken kabobs

week ten: chicken fajitas & salsa

There are SO many good things about this week that I don't even know where to start!!! AH. Okay. First things first, if you've been following along since the beginning of my cooking journey, you are probably (too) aware of my seething hatred for chopping onions. But this week everything changed, *happy dance* all thanks… Continue reading week ten: chicken fajitas & salsa

week three: baked chicken

Kids: Mom, what's for dinner tonight? Mom: Chicken! Dad: Chicken! Wanna neck? Kids: *giggle and collective eye roll as this is the 400th time we been apart of this exact conversation* This week we are sort of taking it back to the basics: chicken. Which feels like something we maybe should've started with?  But hey,… Continue reading week three: baked chicken