week ten: chicken fajitas & salsa

There are SO many good things about this week that I don't even know where to start!!! AH. Okay. First things first, if you've been following along since the beginning of my cooking journey, you are probably (too) aware of my seething hatred for chopping onions. But this week everything changed, *happy dance* all thanks… Continue reading week ten: chicken fajitas & salsa

week nine: herbed pork

So we cranked it back up a notch on the "fancy" and "difficulty" scales this week with some herbed pork loin chops!  We also had macaroni and cheese, which probably brings it back down a notch on the fancy scale (hehe) but the main dish is definitely a step up from last week's simple taco… Continue reading week nine: herbed pork

week eight: taco salad

Now this week we decided on a meal that even I was pretty confident I could handle. Probably a good idea to boost the cooking morale after last week's self-esteem killing run in with the stove. My family has always been really invested in and passionate about our intake of Mexican food. Like the waiter… Continue reading week eight: taco salad

week seven: tilapia

We are going FISHIN' this week on the blog!! We are also experiencing our first minor mishap on the stove. lol Which was bound to happen eventually considering my newbie chef status, so really it should be a celebration that I made it to week seven before burning something. I would also like to point… Continue reading week seven: tilapia

week six: pork & scalloped potatoes

Potato lovers this one is for you!!! As a devoted lover of the potato myself, with a special affinity for my mom's scalloped potatoes, I was especially pumped about this week's meal and I think you will be too!!  And while most people might think the pork is the star of this dish, for me… Continue reading week six: pork & scalloped potatoes

week five: flank steak

STEAK!  We are going BIG this week and doing some always delicious and always a favorite, meat and potatoes.  I feel like cooking a little steak dinner is a very grown up, sophisticated, and romantic thing to know how to do, and I do love a good romantic evening (*wink wink hint hint going out… Continue reading week five: flank steak