Full disclosure:  I’m only going to be twenty-something for a few more years (not quite as many as I would like) 😉 And my parents currently double as my roommates. Which is simultaneously really cool and occasionally embarrassing when I think about it for too long. lol But my parents are actually the greatest parents that have ever parented #unbiased and I’ve decided that I’m going to fully enjoy every possible moment that I have being their resident stay-at-home daughter, third wheel, and favorite child!  And while thinking about this, I decided that I should put myself to work and “force” my wonderful mother to teach me how to cook one dinner every week, from now until we feel like I’m reasonably competent at feeding myself and a few others at a time.  Because I have very few, if any, real cooking skills, and I can only justify living off of/relying on my bombass quesadilla making skills (perfected during my undergrad and postgrad years) for so long once I’m back on my own/with BF/with children some day.  So here goes nothing!  Hoping to have an arsenal of delicious meals and a cute record of our adventures by the time we are finished! 🙂