week six: pork & scalloped potatoes

Potato lovers this one is for you!!! As a devoted lover of the potato myself, with a special affinity for my mom’s scalloped potatoes, I was especially pumped about this week’s meal and I think you will be too!!  And while most people might think the pork is the star of this dish, for me it has always been/will always be all about the potatoes. 🙂

I think it is also important to note that it was ON THIS DAY that my hatred for chopping onions was fully realized and brought to life in a  20 minute, fierce and teary-eyed life moment that will never be forgotten. LOL but really though it was pretty bad.



  • 1 pork loin
  • garlic salt
  • Lawry’s salt
  • ground pepper
  • panko (optional)
  • 1 large potato
  • shredded swiss and cheddar cheese
  • butter (small amount)
  • ~1 cup of milk
  • flour (small amount)
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • broccoli
  • apple sauce
  • cinnamon (small amount)
  • olive oil


  • defrost the pork
  • slice the potato and place in a small amount of water to keep fresh
  • TRY AND SURVIVE the chopping of the onion
    • I cannot do this without my eyes burning and me getting disproportionately angry with both hatred of onions and lack of chopping skills
    • which is why this has officially been designated the “boyfriend task” for all time. lol
  • clean and cut broccoli


  • preheat the oven for the potatoes to 350 degrees
  • start layering ingredients for scalloped potatoes
    • first, lay one layer of sliced potatoes
    • sprinkle salt and pepper
    • sprinkle flour (for thickness)
    • sprinkle onion
    • place small amount of butter in little chunks over onion layer
    • sprinkle both the swiss and cheddar cheese
    • pour 1/4 cup milk over layer
    • then repeat 2-3 more times, adding an extra 1/8 cup of milk for last 2-3 layers
  • place in oven and let cook for about an hour
  • preheat oven for pork to 350 degrees
  • season pork with garlic salt, Lawry’s salt, and pepper on both sides of the meat
  • cover meat in panko covering if desired (it adds a nice crunch to the pork dish and also helps to keep the meat moist when cooking
  • place in the oven and cook for ~45-50 minutes, or until meat reaches temperature of about 165 degrees (using meat thermometer)
    • we had to turn the heat up to 400 degrees for the last ten minutes
    • cooking time dependent on size of the pork loin
  • place broccoli in cooking dish and season with olive oil and salt and pepper (to taste)
  • set that aside until there are about 35 minutes left on the potato timer, then place broccoli in the oven to cook (@ 350 degrees)
  • pour applesauce into serving dish and add desired amount of cinnamon
  • and now we wait!!  Timing is key for this meal, so if you time it right everything should be done around the same time!

DINNNERRRR! woohooo!! And there you have it folks, a delicious pork loin and a beautiful, cheesy, and potato-y pile of goodness for you to enjoy!!  I’ve LOVED this meal for so long and the love fest continues! Besides the chopping of the onion of course, which was not my proudest moment. But I accept it as a necessary and flavorful evil that helps make one of my favorite things possible, so we will agree to live in this space of a love-hate relationship and do our best to make it work. 😉


Cooking Carli



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