week three: baked chicken

Kids: Mom, what’s for dinner tonight?

Mom: Chicken!

Dad: Chicken! Wanna neck?

Kids: *giggle and collective eye roll as this is the 400th time we been apart of this exact conversation*

This week we are sort of taking it back to the basics: chicken. Which feels like something we maybe should’ve started with?  But hey, nevertheless, a standard in the kitchen that I realistically should already be proficient at (hence, this blog). There are a ton of ways to do chicken and there are quite a few we would have on a regular basis growing up.  But the one thing that remained the same no matter what kind of chicken we were having, was the presence of dad’s crown jewel cooking pun. Still can’t have chicken for dinner to this day without thinking about it, so thanks for that dad. Just another reason why chicken seemed an appropriate meal for this week’s meal, so here we go!



  • boneless, skinless chicken thighs (we made about 12)
  • breading mix (i.e shake -n- bake)
  • salt and pepper
    • literally, that is all you need (!!!)
  • salad, pasta, or veggie for side dished
    • we chose salad and a store bought spinach and cheese tortellini with a store bought pesto sauce, which were both delicious!
      • *it should be noted that I would love to make these myself one day, and I will re-look into this once my skill set advances* lol


  • defrost the chicken
    • after the microwave, run them under water and pull apart the things so they lay flat
  • place the breading mix on papertowel
  • spray cooking sheet with nonstick cooking spray (or cover in foil, whichever you prefer)
  • place water in pot on stove, on low heat, to prep for pasta later on


  • preheat oven to 400 degrees
  • while chicken is wet from the water (you could also use an egg to get the chicken wet and ready for the breading, either way works just fine), place in the breading mix, pat down, and flip the chicken and do the same on the other side, so chicken is fully coated
  • place on the cooking sheet and adjust so that all the chicken fits on the sheet
  • salt and pepper, to taste, on both sides of the chicken thighs
  • place in oven and cook for ~20-25 minutes, until chicken is fully cooked
    • the breading helps keep your chicken moist while baking, woo!
  • when your chicken has a little less than 10 minutes to go, start cooking pasta and make sure pesto sauce is defrosted and warmed
  • combine pasta and pesto, prepare salad, take chicken out of the oven, and call for DINNERRRR! 🙂

This really was a nice and easy dinner (even for me) and I think it turned out very well!  A simple recipe, short prep, and a good pun = a winning meal in my opinion 😉 and I think this will be a staple for me in the years to come!


Cooking Carli


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